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Welcome Padawans

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Battle Scars & Rants

…to the Cisco Jedi’s blog.

On this most glorious of Internet diatribes, shall you be privy to the rants, ravings, incessant monologues, and other such technological-focuced editorials where I choose to expound on everything from authentication to VoIP to wireless to QoS . Moments of the jedi’s most embarassing blunders and flawless victories of absolute brilliance.

And yes, I usually refer to myself in the 3rd person. My ego demands it’s own identity 🙂 …but who in IT is any different? We all know that it is truly us, the benevolent wireless warriors and network ninjas, that keep the world running.


*Bows cordially*

I am the CTO/President of Katana InfoTech, a So Cal based technology solutions consulting firm, focused on small & medium businesses. 

I have been in the IT industry since 1999, where I first worked for a recording studio in Hollywood. I setup a real-time mp3 encoder for voice actor’s lines to be transmitted over an ISDN connection to branch studios in NY, Canada, or any other 3rd party with an internet connection and an mp3 converter. I networked their Macintosh Pro Tools systems together, setup an audio file server, and organized their backup. Tragically, not what I went to college for; my bachelors is in audio engineering. However, the demands of that industry called for someone to recognize the lack of efficiency, aggressively research technology solutions, and be adaptable enough to change roles as the job needed.

I was 22 years old at the time and I drastically increased their efficiency.

  • Since then I’ve worked in numerous capacities in IT ranging from phone support, to system administration, to network engineering, to information security
  • I’ve taught classes for Geek Squad techs, Merchant Marines, and AT&T employees
  • I’ve brought several startups from an abstract concept of what they ~think~ they want, to fully functioning, highly available information infrastructures
  • I’ve written corporate security policies, as well as organized incident responses to security breaches & handled all system forensics for said incidents.

The forces of darkness do not stand a chance on my network

-Jeremy NeeDLE – Administrator, Jedi, Diabolical Genius